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What you Need to Know About the Lummi Island Wild Halibut Price

If you’ve only ever purchased halibut at your local grocery store, the halibut price you see online might result in a bit of sticker shock. For example, a cut of fish at the local Kroger may cost $10, while at a retailer like Lummi Island Wild, it could cost $16. These higher prices exist for a reason, and we want to unpack that a little.

But our wild halibut prices look different from in-store options for a variety of important reasons. We practice sustainable fishing methods, which means our fish are individually and carefully handled by a local fisher. We also take care to not overfish, which means the waters from which we source require a lot of oversight. All of this, in addition to our flash-freezing and processing protocols, results in a lot more care and time spent than what you mind find at a regular commercial fishery. The result is a slightly more expensive cut of fish – but a much healthier ocean, happier fish, and higher quality meal.


Making the Most of Your Halibut Purchase 

We know that buying high-quality fish online can be a regular part of your monthly grocery routine. But, for some customers, investing in the halibut price at Lummi Island Wild is a true indulgence. If you’re in the latter category, we want to help you have the best-possible dining experience.

With halibut, it’s all about the preparation. We almost always prefer simpler preparations, like throwing the fish into a pan for a quick sear and finishing with squeeze of lemon or spoonful of capers. But, if you’re looking for a truly special meal, any of the following recipes are sure to please.

If you’re new to cooking high-quality halibut, we have a few tips. Uncooked, the meat will look almost translucent – a bit different from the milky or off-white color you might find at the grocery store. When cooked, the snow-white flesh becomes opaque, losing its glossy appearance. But, with large flakes and a delicious flavor, halibut is almost impossible to mess up.


Preparing for Your Lummi Island Wild Order 

Part of our halibut price ensures that your shipping and receiving experience is as smooth as possible. All our frozen fish ships with dry ice in an insulated container. This allows the fish to stay frozen while in transit. When the package arrives, either unload the fish into your freezer or transfer it to the refrigerator to thaw. In general, halibut should stay safe to eat in the freezer for up to six months and in the refrigerator for up to seven days. The naturally lean fish will last longer than other, fattier types of seafood.

When you buy halibut online from Lummi Island Wild, you’re not only investing in a great meal and a cut of fish. You’re supporting sustainable agriculture, ocean stewardship, and investing in a great shopping experience, from start to finish. If you’re looking for a new place to buy your halibut, we hope you’ll consider Lummi Island wild.