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Wild Halibut

Buy Wild Halibut from Lummi Island Wild

We are proud of all the fish we sell, but our wild halibut is among our most popular options. If you’re trying to find halibut for sale online, you’ve come to the right place. Only the freshest, most delectable fish live on our digital shelves. We offer several halibut products, sustainably sourced and flash frozen to preserve both taste and texture. Plus, we make the buying and delivery process simple. You can buy the best Pacific halibut in the world through our website, and we’ll ship it directly to your doorstep.


Wild Halibut is Always Better 

All the fish we sell is wild. That said, we know that halibut is a transitional fish for many seafood skeptics – with a milder flavor and an accessible price point, some folks shopping for halibut online may not know why wild-caught fish are different. In the simplest terms, wild-caught fish is the opposite of farmed fish. The difference is that one type is raised to be eaten, while the other is able to live a normal life out in the ocean.

From the consumer’s perspective, wild fish just tastes better. Halibut is a relatively lean fish, which means it doesn’t have much fat content. Farmed fish lose their natural oil over the generations, which means farmed halibut will always be a bit drier and fishier than its wild-caught peers. By contrast, living in the ocean allows a fish’s natural fat stores to remain high, resulting in a softer, velvet-like texture. If you think you can taste the difference between farmed and wild-caught salmon, wait until you try our best wild halibut.

Our halibut for sale is among the most sustainably sourced white fish in the world. We catch our 6oz portions in southeast Alaska, and our Salish Sea halibut is exclusively sourced by local tribespeople. We don’t participate in industrial agriculture, and our carbon footprint is nearly invisible when compared to other seafood providers. If you’re looking for a sustainable, delicious wild halibut, Lummi Island Wild is the only option.

Wild Halibut Price

Our wild halibut prices reflect the sustainable practices that we employ in our fishing. We offer 4, 5, and 6oz portions, priced per pound, to allow consumers the option of dialing in their own portion sizes for their family. We flash freeze our halibut to lock in the freshness, but note that frozen halibut is the way of the dock-to-door shipping. It is the method to make sure it doesn’t spoil in transit. While it is romantic and certainly fresher to catch a fish and grill it straight from the ocean, hardly anyone has that option or gets that experience.


Using Lummi Island Wild Halibut 

Our halibut has a beautiful texture and delicate flavor. We tend to prefer simple preparations of this fish – a little salt, a little pepper, and a quick sear on the stove. That said, we know that many of our buyers will be looking to incorporate halibut into a recipe. Here are a few of our favorites.


Our Wild Halibut Product Cycle 

If you buy halibut from Lummi Island Wild, you may not find the exact same product when you return to order more. This is because we only source and sell what is in season. In doing this, we are better positioned to guarantee that the fish arriving at your doorstep is freshly caught using a sustainable method.

However, this also means that our offerings change throughout the year. And, when it comes to halibut, some seasons – like that for our Salish Sea halibut – are just three weeks long. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, check back in a few weeks to see if it’s time. When you do see one of our products available, we recommend buying your halibut right then and there. Halibut is one of our more popular fish options, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.