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Why You Should Buy Alaska Halibut from Lummi Island Wild

If you’re shopping around to buy Alaska halibut, look no further than Lummi Island Wild. This lean, mild, sweet fish has a firm yet tender texture. A true crowd-pleaser, halibut is an excellent choice for barbeques, family dinners, and working lunches.

If you’ve never tried to buy Alaska halibut online, we have to say: the halibut from Lummi Island Wild is truly special. Sustainably caught and processed while frozen, we promise this will be the best halibut you ever taste. Don’t trust us? Try a fillet for yourself.


Alaska Halibut Offerings from Lummi

We at Lummi Island Wild are proud to offer a variety of delicious halibut products. Some are a great centerpiece for a family meal, while others are better suited to a bite of fish and chips. Below, we’ve provided a few details for each of our halibut products.

  • Alaskan Halibut 6 oz. Skinless Portions – Mild, lean, and sweet, these 6 oz. halibut portions make for a great weeknight dinner. We prefer ours sauteed in butter and finished with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Alaskan Halibut Roasts, 18-22 oz. – Our halibut roasts, our largest cuts of the fish, make for a spectacular dinner party main. The perfect size for 3-4 people, we recommend serving this roast with plenty of sides to complement the sweet, pure white flesh.
  • Alaskan Halibut 5 oz. Portions – A smaller cut of halibut can sometimes really hit the spot, whether as a lunch entrée or fish and chips. This 5 oz. portion comes in a versatile size, lending itself easily to whatever you feel like cooking.
  • Alaskan Halibut 4 oz. Portions – Like our 5 oz. portions, this 4 oz. portion is great as a smack, small lunch, or for fish and chips. These are small portions cut from our smallest fish.
  • Salish Sea Halibut – Our most coveted halibut product, this fish is sourced in the Salish Sea by tribal fishers. With only a 3-week season each year, our Salish Sea Halibut sells out quickly. If you have your heart set on this guy, join the waitlist to get a heads-up on next year’s haul.

Keep in mind that halibut is among our most popular fish options. As a result, the turnover for these products is quite high. If you see an item for sale today, it may very well be sold out tomorrow. That’s why, if you have your heart set to buy Alaska halibut online, we recommend making your purchase when we see a product in stock.

While we recognize this may be a slight inconvenience, high product turnover always works to the customer’s benefit – our fish doesn’t sit in the warehouse for very long, so you can rest assured your product will be fresher than most online retailers.


Order Your Halibut from Lummi Island Wild 

No matter when you buy Alaska halibut from Lummi, it will always ship with the same care and attention to detail. Our frozen fish ships packed with dry ice and in insulated containers. Upon arrival, transfer the fish to your freezer or into the refrigerator. Halibut should keep safely in the freezer for up to six months. Once thawed, it will remain safe to eat for seven days. No matter why you choose Alaska halibut from Lummi, you won’t be disappointed.