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What Goes Into the Halibut Price Per Pound at Lummi Island Wild

The Lummi Island Wild halibut price per pound ranges from under $40/lb. to around $60/lb., depending on your chosen product. For those used to paying $15 per pound at the local grocery store, this rate might come as a bit of a surprise. After all, the halibut sold at Whole Foods has a longer supply chain, having transferred hands several times before reaching your shopping cart.

The higher halibut price per pound you should expect from retailers like Lummi Island Wild isn’t the result of a longer supply chain. Instead, that price is an indicator of quality – sustainable fishing and careful handling take time, resources, and a lot of thoughtfulness. The result, as we hope you’ll find, is some of the best halibut you can eat.


In-Stock Items from Lummi Island Wild 

Like most of our fresh-caught fish, our halibut experiences a high amount of product turnover. This means that the fish doesn’t spend much time between the ocean and your home. That said, these items tend to sell out quickly. If you see that what you want is in stock, we recommend buying soon.


Learn About the Halibut from Lummi Island wild 

Alaskan halibut is widely sought for its delicious, firm yet flaky texture and sweet, mild flavor. Considered by some to be the best fish in the world, halibut is seasonal and typically caught between March and November. An excellent source of high-quality protein and unsaturated fats, halibut is a healthy addition to any person’s diet.

But, while all of that is true of the halibut you might find at a grocery store, there are a few differences between that fish and what we offer at Lummi Island wild. Caught in Southeast Alaska, this wild fish is sustainably captured, and the waters are responsibly managed. We take care to only sell what is in season; if you see something in stock, you can feel comfortable knowing it was caught just days before.

The freshness and high quality of our halibut results in a slightly different taste and texture. Uncooked, our halibut will appear pearly white, almost translucent. This is a departure for some customers, who may be used to eating off-white or yellowish fish from the grocery store. Then, once cooked, the flesh transforms into an opaque snow white – a gorgeous color that will stand out in any dish. So, while our halibut price per pound may be a bit higher than what you’ll find at Jewel-Osco, we promise the added cost is for a good reason.


Try Our Halibut 

We know that you care about the meaning behind our halibut price per pound. But, for most people, the true test will come down to flavor, texture, and shipping experience. We know that we may be biased when we say that our halibut is the best in the world. If you’re still on the fence, consider any of these reviews from former customers.

David Canterman – 09-18-2020 (Purchased Alaskan Halibut 6 oz)

Great Halibuts and great customer service ! We even sent a large gift package of the Halibut and soup to our friend in San Diego as a house warming gift.

 Tab Murphy (verified owner) – 02-07-2020 (Purchased Alaskan Halibut 6 oz)

WOW! The Alaskan halibut is literally the BEST I’ve ever had! Amazing packaging, perfect portions and so easy to make! Thank you, Lummi Island Wild!