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Frozen Halibut from Lummi Island Wild is the Freshest Around

If you’re shopping online for frozen halibut, look no further than Lummi Island Wild. Using environmentally conscious fishing techniques, we work hard to minimize our impact on ocean populations and the surrounding ecosystem. This stewardship, in turn, contributes to healthy fish, which are more tender, juicy, and sweet than any halibut you can find online or in the store.

Beyond our fishing techniques and halibut quality, the way we process our fish contributes to the overall flavor and customer experience. Our fish is frozen upon being caught. The fish then remains frozen throughout processing. This helps to preserve the flavor and texture, resulting in a just-caught taste when it reaches your plate.

But, for some customers, we recognize that “fresh” and “frozen” are mutually exclusive. We’ll unpack our freezing and portioning process a bit more, then show you how a frozen fish is always the best option – especially when buying halibut online.


Is Frozen Halibut Still Fresh? 

A lot of us have been taught to see “fresh” and “frozen” as opposite ends of a spectrum. In other words, if meat has been frozen at some point while processing, it’s not likely fresh. While this might be the case with some meat items, like beef patties, it is the opposite when it comes to wild fish. In fact, freezing fish helps to preserve flavor and texture, resulting in a freshly caught taste and mouthfeel. The sooner a fish is frozen after it comes out of the water, the better the taste and texture will be when it hits your doorstep.

We’ve worked hard to ensure our fish are frozen as soon as possible – as soon as they come out of the water. All our wild halibut is flash-frozen at sea, then processed without thawing. When you defrost your halibut at home, you can feel confident in knowing that it has been frozen since the moment it leaped out of the sea.


How Does Lummi Island Wild Shipping Work? 

Keeping your purchase frozen is essential to ensuring freshness during its journey to your home. All our fish, including our halibut, is packed with dry ice and shipped via 2nd Day Air Monday through Wednesday. Free shipping is available on all orders over $125, and customers can select a shipping/receiving day at checkout to ensure the purchase arrives at a convenient time.

When your frozen halibut arrives, you have two options: transfer the frozen fish to the freezer for storage or transfer it to the refrigerator to thaw. Remember that halibut is a relatively lean fish, which means it has a longer shelf life than other, fattier seafoods, like king salmon. Your frozen halibut will stay safe to eat in the freezer for up to six months and in the refrigerator for up to seven days. That said, we don’t think your order will last that long – the halibut from Lummi Island Wild is some of the best around. We won’t be surprised if you want to eat your purchase as soon as it arrives.