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Buy King Salmon Online with Lummi Island Wild

When you buy king salmon online from Lummi Island Wild, you’re guaranteed to receive a fish better than anything you can find at the grocery store. For some context, most grocery stores won’t have a wild-caught king salmon option. There are strict caps placed on the number of king salmon able to be fished every year, and its delicate, silky meat makes it a prized meal for anyone with an interest in seafood. Unless you have a lead on a seafood market selling wild kings, you probably won’t find this salmon variety at your average grocery store.

By contrast, we at Lummi Island Wild source our own king salmon. We have a few offerings available throughout the year. Plus, our shipping process makes it easy for you to enjoy wild-caught salmon without the hassle of driving to a specialty seafood market.


Why Buy Our King Salmon Online? 

King salmon is the most prized salmon variety out there, which means you’ll almost always pay a pretty penny for a portion. If you’re already paying a premium for your fish, we think you deserve a little more information about it. When you buy king salmon online from Lummi Island Wild, you’ll get an in-depth view of that salmon’s life. You’ll know where it lived before being caught. You’ll know how and when it was caught. You’ll know the processing methods we used to clean and preserve the fish. Most importantly, you’ll know that our practices are environmentally sustainable, support local communities, and draw on the historic aspects of salmon fishing.

This transparency is especially important for king salmon, which is the priciest, most sought-after salmon species out there. If you’re going to spend $25 on a salmon portion, you want to know that the price tag is worth it. When buy king salmon online from Lummi Island Wild, you’ll have that guarantee.


Our King Salmon Options 

We at Lummi Island Wild have two king salmon offerings: our wild king salmon and our Baker king wild salmon portions. Both options are sure to blow you out of the water, but our Baker king wild salmon has our highest recommendation.

  • Baker King Wild Salmon Portions – Caught by the Upper Skagit tribal fishing families, these portions have a superior fat content. This is some of the most spectacular king salmon we’ve ever tasted. If you’re looking for a salmon meal fit for a king, this is the option to choose.
  • Wild King Salmon – By recommending our Baker king wild salmon portions, we hope we’re not turning you away from our own king salmon. This salmon is wild-caught using reefnet fishing, a historic method designed to limit environmental impact. The fish is then flash-frozen onboard our vessels to preserve the sought-after taste, then filleted and processed before shipping.

Wild-caught king salmon will always taste better than farm-raised options. If you’re considering purchasing salmon from another retailer, we hope our sustainability practices and thoughtful methods tip the boat in our favor when you go to buy king salmon online.