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Silver Coho Salmon

Coho is a great gateway fish for new salmon eaters. While it doesn’t get the recognition that fattier, more desired varieties do, it has a lot going for it. A medium-fat fish with a subtle flavor, Silver Coho salmon is mild enough for new seafood eaters and sufficiently elegant for salmon enthusiasts. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next barbeque, weeknight dinner, or special event, the wild Alaskan coho salmon from Lummi Island Wild is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


What’s the Deal with Silver Coho Salmon? 

Coho salmon, also known as silver salmon, medium red salmon, and hoopid salmon, is a great fish for all seafood lovers. They have almost twice the oil content as pink salmon, but slightly less than King and Sockeye. This means you’ll have a fish with a subtle taste and a softer texture that will also stay safely frozen for longer than fattier salmon types.

The Alaskan Coho salmon from Lummi Island Wild are special fish. Hook-and-line caught in Southeast Alaska, these guys are cleaned, catheter-bled, and fresh-frozen as soon as they exit the water. If you’re looking for a high-quality cut of salmon, it doesn’t get much fresher than this.

Importantly, these are also wild-caught Coho salmon. If you’re new to seafood, this might not mean much. But, when it comes to flavor, texture, and overall quality, nothing beats a wild-caught fish. Our wild-caught Coho salmon are fattier than their farm-bred cousins. This lends delicacy to their texture and reduces the fishy flavor most folks associate with farm-raised salmon.


Using Coho Salmon from Lummi Island Wild 

Coho is one of our favorite meals – it’s silky, retains moisture, and has a mild flavor perfect for simple preparations. Because of Coho’s firm texture, we consider it to be the best type of salmon for grilling. We like to grill our Coho salmon on high heat for around five minutes, then finish the meat with a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lime.

Still, we know our customers like to get creative with wild salmon. Coho will cook differently than a salmon with a different oil content, so it’s important to find recipes that target this specific type of fish. We’ve included a few of our favorites below.


How to Buy Silver Coho Salmon 

Our wild Alaskan Coho salmon is packaged and shipped using industry standards. After you place your order, we’ll source the products you’ve purchased, package them in an insulated container, and add a few cooling agents to keep the salmon frozen for its trip. Then, it’s transported to delivery and sent right to your doorstep – or wherever else you want it shipped.

Like our other wild salmon products, our silver Coho salmon ships overnight, allowing it to stay at a safe-to-eat temperature while in transit. In almost all cases, you should expect to receive your package the day after your order.

The Lummi Island Wild silver Coho salmon buying process might not differ much from other online seafood retailers, but we promise our products are the best in the business. When you order with us, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing the highest-quality salmon you can buy. Don’t believe us? Order a fillet to find out.