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Alaskan Coho Salmon from Lummi Island Wild

If you’re thinking about ordering Alaskan Coho salmon from Lummi Island Wild, you might be wondering what sets us apart. We ship salmon like most other seafood companies, and we likely use a similar processing system. But Lummi Island Wild is different. The quality of our products and our commitment to both sustainability and customer transparency changes the game. Our wild-caught salmon is the best you can buy online, and our Alaskan Coho salmon portions are the most delicious we’ve ever tried. Caught in pristine, ice-cold waters, these fish are the freshest available, both online and in a seafood market.


Our Alaskan Coho Salmon 

We think all our wild-caught salmon is wonderful, but our Alaskan Coho portions are truly special. Hook-and-line caught in Southeast Alaska, these fish are mild yet flavorful, silky yet firm. We clean, catheter-bleed, and fresh-freeze these fish as soon as they exit the sea. The result is the best, freshest Coho salmon you can eat. Plus, these portions are skin-on and boneless, which makes them easy to prepare.

For these salmon portions, we’ve partnered with fishers Joel and Tele on the F/V Nerka, a well-known fishing vessel in the area. Engaged in the slow food movement and focused on quality, these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to catching and handling Coho salmon. They move inland, where the cold and clean North Pacific waters pound the rocky shoreline. This ecosystem is meticulously stewarded with strict conservation efforts and management, cultivating an abundant salmon stock. We know that sustainability is tantamount to quality for most of our customers. Our Alaskan Coho salmon is a great pick for environmental peace of mind.

But why take our word for it? Our customer reviews speak for themselves.


Some of Our Reviews

S.E. Martin (verified owner) – 08-06-2020 (Alaskan Coho portions)

I’m a sockeye diehard. Blown away. Crispy skin, moist flesh. Depth of flavour. Perfect sautéed in ghee.


Wendy Batt (verified owner) – 06-15-2020 (Alaskan Coho portions)

I didn’t like salmon much until now. Fresh, healthy and delicious!


Jill Perry (verified owner) – 05-13-2020 (Alaskan Coho portions)

I ordered both Coho and King. The flavor and texture of the salmon is beautiful! It’s the best salmon I’ve had, and I would absolutely order it again. I love the portion sizes (they’re perfect).


What to Expect from Our Coho Salmon Delivery 

As with all of our salmon products, our Coho portions ship frozen. We’ll package your order carefully in a container, then overnight it to your doorstep. When you open your delivery, you’ll find it lined with insulation and some added cooling agents. If you want to eat immediately, transfer the fish to your refrigerator to safely thaw. These Coho portions should last for around seven days in the refrigerator.

Coho is a medium-oil salmon, which means it will freeze well. It won’t last as long as Keta, but you can safely keep it frozen longer than King or Sockeye. If your Alaskan Coho salmon portions remain unthawed, they will store well in the freezer for around four months.