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The Best Wild Caught Coho Salmon

Whether you’re stocking up for a long winter or finding the perfect entrée for a special dinner, our wild caught Coho salmon fits the bill. This fish is versatile, mild, and delicious – perfect for an afternoon with friends or a night in front of the television. But what makes Lummi Island Wild Coho salmon different? To start, all the salmon we sell is caught in the wild. This means we supply a premium, sustainable fish. If you want to feel good about a grocery purchase, check out any of our salmon products, but pay special attention to the wild caught Coho – it’s a true crowd pleaser.


Our Wild Caught Coho Salmon is Different 

All the salmon we sell are wild caught, but some customers might not know what that term means. At its core, wild-caught fish is not farm raised. The fish caught and sold by Lummi Island Wild are sourced from wild salmon schools along parts of the Pacific Coast. Specifically, our Coho salmon are hook-and-line caught in Southeast Alaska. We and our partner fishers source these fish from the F/V Nerka, a fishing vessel. Plus, all our Alaskan Coho are rated a “Best Choice” seafood from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

But the best part about wild-caught fish isn’t that they’re more sustainable, or that they live happier, healthier lives. It’s that you can taste the difference. Wild caught Coho salmon have a higher oil content than farm-raised Coho salmon. This results in a less fishy and more flavorful meal with a velvety texture and delicate taste.


How to Cook Coho Salmon

We should note that Coho salmon are among the best types of salmon for grilling. Their firm texture and remarkable flavor allow them to stand up to the high, intense heat of a charcoal or gas grill. But wild caught Coho salmon are even better on the grill, precisely because of their oil content. Even in high heat, Coho salmon are less likely to dry out. If you’re not sure how to prepare Coho on your own, check out some of our favorite recipes.

We like our Coho salmon prepared simply. A quick sear on a stove or grill allows the fish’s natural flavor to stand out, while a quick squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt add some nice acidity. If you’re new to Coho, we recommend trying this uncomplicated preparation to get a better feel for the fish’s premium flavor and texture.


Buying Our Wild Caught Coho Salmon

Our Coho salmon is shipped right to your door. We carefully pack each product into an insulated container, add some cooling agents, and send it on its way. When your Coho arrives, either transfer it directly to the refrigerator to thaw or keep it in your freezer for up to 4 months. Coho will stay safe to eat in the freezer longer than King or Sockeye, but we doubt you’ll be able to keep yourself from enjoying it.