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Orca Safe Salmon

Orca Safe Salmon means the fish you are eating has been caught in a terminal area, meaning in or close to the salmon’s river of origin, well past the point that a fish might make a meal for an Orca.

Orca Safe Salmon means that the fish you are eating comes from a healthy returning population and is surplus to the spawning needs of the run.

Orca Safe Salmon means the fish you are eating has been caught by sustainable gear with little or no by-catch, in a fishery carefully controlled by Tribal, Federal and State fisheries managers.

Healthy and Sustainable

Wild-caught Chinook Salmon is one of the healthiest and most delicious proteins on the planet. Purchasing Orca Safe Salmon means you can enjoy some of the finest food in the world, support salmon and Orca recovery and support the fishing communities that have done the most to maintain these resources for everyone.

Good Science and Healthy Eating

Conscious consumers can be reassured by the Orca Safe Salmon seal that their purchasing and dining habits are in sync with their values. Many Chinook are harvested using sustainable methods which are purposefully designed to have no impact on orca food availability.

Tribal fishing communities are the primary beneficiaries of commercial Chinook salmon sales, and they have are the greatest advocates for protecting and restoring this resource. Good science, healthy eating and support of tribal fisheries all come together in the Orca Safe Salmon label on king salmon.

A Lummi Island Wild initiative

As Southern Resident Killer Whale recovery has become a regional passion and a national priority, and as Chinook availability for Orcas has emerged as a key driver in Orca recovery, our customer base has demanded to know that Lummi Island Wild products are produced in harmony with whale recovery efforts and goal. We have closely examined our buying practices and supply-chain process to ensure that we can continue to support our fisher-partners and supply our quality and values-driven customer base.

The Orca Safe Salmon program is our answer to this question. Orca Safe is a Lummi Island Wild trade claim asserting that we have determined, to our satisfaction, that a given fishery is conducted in such a way as to not compete with Orcas for food resource and in such a way as to foster long-term wild salmon restoration and Orca recovery. Our process and supply chain are completely transparent and we are currently working on populating the site with partnership endorsements, links and data supporting our Orca Safe claim.

Recovering Chinook Salmon Southern Resident Orcas is a must do for our region and for Lummi Island Wild. So is supporting our fisher community and supporting sustainable, quality-oriented fisheries on healthy stocks. Innovating and collaborating to support ecosystems, communities and customers–It’s the Lummi Island Wild way!

Lummi Island Wild grew out of an initial core of die-hard reefnet fishers passionately dedicated to the notions that the ancient, zero-impact, artisanal reefnet fishery in the San Juan Islands needed to be nurtured for the future, that the mighty Fraser River salmon runs needed to be elevated to a deserved place in the culinary pantheon, and that consumers deserve a home to source the ultimate in quality, sustainable salmon. Lummi Island Wild has achieved world-wide recognition for the reefnet fishery, the superlative salmon harvested by reefnets and has become a treasured supplier partner for purchasers, chefs and consumers nationwide.

Innovating and collaborating to support ecosystems, communities and customers–
It’s the Lummi Island Wild way!

We have also grown our roster of partner fisher-folk, most notably the treaty tribes that ring the Salish Sea and have done so much to protect, foster and restore the fisheries resource we all depend on. We strive to do our part to support these robust fisheries and the ongoing tribal resource stewardship. So doing allows our customer base to enjoy a vastly expanded range of superlative products without compromising sustainability, traceability and quality.