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Buy Wild Smoked Salmon Online from Lummi Island Wild

If you’re looking for wild smoked salmon online, you already know the truth: wild salmon is better than farmed fish, no matter how it’s prepared. The smoked wild salmon from Lummi Island Wild is made with a simple recipe, allowing the fish’s flavor to shine through the sweet brown sugar and complex wood smoke.

But when you buy our wild smoked salmon online, you’re not only investing in a great meal or snack. You’re supporting a fishery that prioritizes sustainability, quality, and a healthy relationship with the land. We remain one of the ten most sustainable fisheries in the world, and with low bycatch and a solar powered reefnet fleet, our practices ensure you can feel good about your purchase.


Our Wild Smoked Salmon Products 

We have smoked salmon packages to fit a range of budgets and tastes. Each product will fill a different need at your dinner table, so click around to find the smoked wild salmon that best suits your tastes.


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Why is Wild Salmon Different?

While many fish farms will say some salmon varieties are better for smoking than others, that isn’t always the case – especially when it comes to wild-caught fish. A salmon that is caught in the wild will always taste better than a fish raised in a farm, even after spending a few hours in the smoker. This difference comes down to how much fat a fish has.

Most people are familiar with salmon migration – they live in oceans, then they travel upstream to spawn. During this journey, the salmon relies on fat stores for sustenance. Over generations, wild salmon develop a higher fat content so that they are better prepared to make the trip upstream. This results in a better flavor and a more delicate texture – as well as a more sustainable relationship between fishers and the ocean.

By contrast, farmed salmon are naturally leaner. These fish don’t need to travel upstream, allowing them to lose their fat content over several generations. Even if a salmon farm provides high-quality feed, wild fish will always have a better flavor and texture than a fish raised in captivity. So, if you want to buy wild smoked salmon online, you’re already on track to have a great meal.


Our Wild-Caught Smoked Salmon

Wild salmon will always taste better than farmed fish. Wild salmon will also always respond better to smoking – for the same reasons. The more oil a fish has, the better it will react to time in the smoker. A high oil content means the meat can more easily absorb the wood and coal smoke, resulting in a stronger, more complex taste, perfect for a snack or homecooked meal.


How We Smoke Our Wild Salmon

When you buy our wild smoked salmon online, you’ll receive a thoughtfully smoked wild fish. We keep our recipe simple with a light sprinkle of sea salt, a brown sugar rub, and hardwood smoke over alder coals. The salmon is then frozen to lock in the fish’s flavor and texture, ensuring it’s fresh and ready to eat when it reaches your door.