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Smoked Salmon

Wild Smoked Salmon Online – Lummi Island Wild

We are very proud of our smoked salmon here at Lummi Island Wild. We have two species that we smoke: sockeye and keta. These salmon are sustainably harvested using reefnet fishing. Together with local tribes, we smoke the highest quality salmon through long-standing native practices. The result is an amazing smoky flavor that is unrivaled in our industry. You can buy our smoked salmon online through our website, and we will ship our products directly to your doorstep.

Wild Smoked Salmon is Better 

Wild salmon will always taste better than farmed salmon, no matter how it’s prepared. A wild-caught fish will have a naturally higher oil content, which allows the meat to more easily absorb the smoke and its flavor. The result is a fuller-bodied and complex smoked fish. Then, more flavor is added through the smoking process, resulting in the richest, most flavorful wild smoked salmon online. Farm-raised fish cannot compare in flavor, and farm-raising is a poor environmental practice. Wild-caught smoked salmon is the best choice – no matter how you look at it.

Our Salmon

We use our wild-caught salmon in all our smoked salmon varieties. While the flavor doesn’t vary much between species when caught in the wild, the flavors and textures will respond differently to time in a smoker. We’ve been in the seafood industry for a long time, so we guarantee our smoked salmon preparations will always complement our salmon’s natural flavor. Plus, our smoked salmon products are all carefully chosen to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether you choose a smoked salmon fillet or a pouch, here’s what you should know about the types of smoked salmon we sell.

  • Sockeye – Sockeye salmon is one of our favorite types of fish to smoke. This salmon has a naturally high oil content, which allows the meat to more fully absorb wood smoke. The result is a full-bodied flavor with equal parts salt, sweet, and smoke. Sockeye meat is also denser than other types of salmon, which allows it to remain firm even after hours in the smoker. Plus, our smoked sockeye is always sustainably sourced and humanely caught, which means you can feel good about your purchase.
  • Keta – Smoked keta is among our most popular smoked salmon varieties. With a lower smoked salmon price point and sweeter taste, wild smoked keta is a great introduction to smoked fish. The salmon has less oil than other varieties, resulting in a leaner fillet. The lower oil content also means it’ll need to spend more time in the smoker to absorb flavor, but we take care of that part for you. Remember that smoked salmon prices change depending on the variety you choose.
  • King – Smoked king salmon is one of the most decadent fish purchases you can make. Many claim that wild smoked king salmon is sacrilege, but in many northwestern indigenous cultures it was done without a second thought. We are confident you will love it, too.
  • Pink – Pink salmon is one of the most common salmon species to be smoked. We take this a step farther with wild smoked pink, which creates and even deeper flavor profile beyond the naturally rich flavor of the meat.

Our Smoking Prep and Process 

From our perspective, the best smoked salmon online isn’t just a fillet that spends a few hours in the smoker. It’s a wild-caught, sustainably sourced fish carefully processed and smoked to perfection. Our smoked salmon process begins with a thorough cleaning and swift filleting. Once we prepare the cuts of meat, the recipe is simple, requiring just three ingredients. We sprinkle the fish with salt, which helps draw out moisture, and rub the smoked salmon fillets with brown sugar. Then, we leave the fillets to smoke over hardwood and alder coals.

After a few hours in the smoker, our salmon is blast frozen. This helps to preserve the fish’s texture and flavor. When you buy smoked salmon from Lummi Island Wild, it’ll arrive in frozen packages. All you need to do is thaw and enjoy. Whether you’re purchasing smoked salmon gifts for a friend or for yourself, you can’t go wrong.

Using Smoked Salmon from Lummi Island Wild

 If you buy our smoked salmon online, you might not know how to use it. A lot of smoked salmon lovers enjoy eating the fish right out of the container, often accompanied by crusty bread, crackers, or toast. That said, smoked salmon has endless applications. Here are a few of our favorite smoked salmon recipes.