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The Best Place to Buy Smoked Salmon Online

Most seafood lovers know that smoked salmon is widely available in grocery stores. Unfortunately, what you gain in convenience is lost in quality. While store-bought options are fine in a pinch, the best place to buy smoked salmon is online. Customers who purchase fish directly from independent producers and sellers invest in a more transparent product. If you have questions about where your Jewel Osco-brand smoked salmon came from, you’ll have some trouble finding an answer. If you want information when you buy smoked salmon online from Lummi Island Wild, the knowledge is already at your fingertips.

While the Internet may be the best place for sourcing seafood, Lummi Island Wild is the best place to buy smoked salmon online. We have options for every budget, and our salmon is always sustainably caught. With a distinctly wild flavor and naturally high oil content, our smoked salmon is perfect for fish lovers, seafood skeptics, and everyone in between.


Our Smoked Salmon Offerings 

Smoked salmon has limitless potential. You can eat it right out of the package or add it to any meal. But some types of smoked salmon are better suited to certain applications than others. This is one reason why we try to diversify our offerings when you buy our smoked salmon online. Check out our products below and visit the product pages for additional information.


wild smoked sockeye salmon

Smoked wild sockeye salmon

Sockeye has a high oil content, which means it has an easier time absorbing smoke smell and flavor. Great on bagels, bread, on its own, or in charcuterie boards, this is a great choice for customers looking for a heavier smoke taste and a more delicate texture.


Bulk Wild Smoked Sockeye

Bulk smoked wild sockeye


Our bulk smoked wild sockeye is a great way for customers to enjoy high-quality smoked fish at a lower price point. We sell bulk packs, made of different sizes and comprising mostly tail pieces, and belly trim packs, which include smaller pieces of mostly salmon belly.


wild smoked keta salmon

Smoked wild keta salmon

Keta has a lower oil content and firmer texture than other types of salmon. When smoked, the result is a lightly salty, solid fish. Our packaged smoked keta holds together better than other options, making it a great choice for picnics, bike rides, and sandwiches.



Our smoked keta fillet is the perfect addition to a crowd-pleasing party platter or a decadent family dinner. One thing is for sure: these fillets demand to be the center of attention. If you buy this smoked salmon online, we recommend enjoying it as a meal rather than while on the go.



This one is pretty self-explanatory. Our smoked salmon chowder is excellent as a starter, a full meal, or an indulgent snack. Shelf stable and ready to eat, all you need to do is heat it up and enjoy.


Buy Smoked Salmon Online from Lummi Island Wild

Our smoked salmon ships frozen and is ready to eat as soon as it thaws. Once thawed, the fish will stay good to eat for around 45 days when stored in the refrigerator. Most varieties are sold in 4-ounce portions, but we’ve recently added larger options, like our smoked keta salmon fillet, for our most enthusiastic buyers.

Buy our smoked salmon for sushi. Use it for bagels. Pack it up for your next long-distance bike trip. Add it to macaroni and cheese if you’re feeling especially decadent. Smoked salmon is a delicious snack and an accessible way to enjoy our wild-caught fish. If you’re in the market, Lummi Island Wild is where to buy smoked salmon online.