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Seafood Subscription Box

The Lummi Yummi program from Lummi Island Wild is the best seafood subscription box out there. Each month, our fishers hand-curate boxes with the best cuts of wild fish you can buy. Recipients can choose between an all-salmon box or an option with a bit more variety. Commit to sustainable fishing, your health, and delicious dinners by signing up for a subscription.

Subscription and fresh fish delivery boxes provide an easy and efficient way to get the best seafood shipped right to your door. If you love fresh seafood but don’t want the hassle of ordering it regularly, let us do it for you. You don’t know what you’re missing until you try the best seafood subscription box online.

Lummi Yummi Box Options from Lummi Island Wild

When signing up, you’ll have the ability to choose between two curated seafood subscription boxes. Each box has a different seafood offering, serving count, and price point. Neither box contains shellfish. But, if you’d like to buy shellfish separately, we have plenty of options.

Not sure which healthy subscription box to sign up for? 

  •  Wild Salmon Box – Our Wild Salmon Box is for folks who can’t get enough of our delicious, wild-caught salmon. Each month, we’ll send you 12 portions of wild-caught salmon. Boxes will include 2-3 varieties, which can include Sockeye, Coho, King, Pink, and Keta, depending on what’s in season. At $129 per month, this option allows customers to consistently buy high-quality bulk salmon without breaking the bank.
  • Wild Combo Box – Whether you like some variety in your diet or enjoy trying new things, the Wild Combo Box is a great option for the adventurous seafood eater. Each box contains 14 portions of seafood across 3-4 fish varieties. This can include salmon, tuna, cod, halibut, and more. At a price point of $169 each month, this is a great option for families, couples who want to eat healthier, or individuals who want to eat seafood every week.

In addition to getting the best seafood subscription box on the market, Lummi Yummi subscribers also get free shipping and fresh seafood home delivery. Charges appear on the 5th of each month, and we’ll ship out your box during the second week of the month. These make for great seafood gift boxes and are some of the best seafood gifts online. If you’ve been meaning to try a seafood of the month club, this is a great opportunity. 

Why Lummi Yummi is the Best Subscription Box Available

We take a lot of pride in our fish. It’s no wonder we have the best seafood subscription box. The seafood we ship isn’t just delicious – it’s sustainable. We’ve received the highest recommendation from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. This means you can feel good about buying our seafood. We also cap our subscription box availability based on our ability to source the best-quality fish. Are we sold out of the box you want? Just sign up for our wait list. We’ll notify you by email when more Lummi Yummi healthy food subscription boxes are available. 

If you’re new to Lummi Island Wild, you probably don’t have first-hand experience with our quality seafood. If you’re on the fence about signing up for a subscription, we encourage you to try any of our other seafood offerings. We promise you’ll be pleased with what you get.