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Our Ivory King Salmon Price is Fair

If you’re hunting for an accessible ivory King salmon price, look no further than Lummi Island Wild. Ivory King salmon is the same species as regular King salmon – it just has a different color. Ivory and marbled King salmon account for only a fraction of the annual catch, at both Lummi and elsewhere. In fact, only around 5 percent of the King salmon population has this unique color mutation. Decades ago, ivory King was considered to be less desirable, as diners prized the ruby-red King flesh above all else. Now, however, this pale cut of fish is a hot commodity among seafood afficionados.

When it comes to quality and taste, King salmon remains delicious, regardless of their color. But the scarcity and striking appearance make ivory King a rare and delicious treat.


Explaining the Ivory King Salmon Price 

While ivory Kings taste the same as regular Kings, they often fetch a higher price. Before the marketing tides turned, chefs were able to buy ivory Kings for less than their red counterparts. But in the past few years, home chefs and restaurants have caught onto the unique dining experience this fish has to offer. Now, the ivory King salmon price is almost always higher than a comparable cut of red King.

While we appreciate how scarcity can impact cost, you won’t see exorbitantly priced ivory Kings here at Lummi Island Wild. Our wild King cuts generally hover around the $16 mark for a 6-ounce portion. That remains the same for our “red” wild King salmon, our marbled King salmon, and our ivory King salmon. But while you won’t see a super high ivory King price, we quickly sell out of this fish. If you see it in stock, we recommend buying a few portions while you can. Because this coloring is so rare, it can be difficult to predict when ivory and marbled King will come back in stock.


How to Receive Your Salmon Purchase

As with all our salmon, these ivory Kings ship as frozen fillets. We’ll pack your purchase into a cooler with dry ice and send it via 2nd Day Air to your home. Our frozen fish ships Monday through Wednesday, and we guarantee your order will arrive frozen. If you have a preference on when your order arrives, just select a shipping and receiving day during checkout.

Once your salmon arrives, transfer the fish into your freezer. If you want to dive in for dinner, allow the fillets to thaw in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that king salmon has a naturally high oil content. This means it will spoil faster than other types of salmon. We don’t recommend keeping your fish in the refrigerator for more than a few days. When frozen, your fish will remain safe to eat for at least 6 weeks.

If you’ve never had an ivory King before, try it out. Because our ivory King salmon price is the same as our regular King, many customers find it more accessible to buy. If you’re curious about the taste, purchase a fillet and see for yourself.