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Why Choose Wild King Salmon Fillets?

Wild king salmon fillets are showstopping cuts of fish. Decadent, wildly flavorful, and with a flaky, silky texture, a king salmon fillet is the perfect centerpiece of a dinner party or romantic meal for two. Our king salmon fillets are between 1.75 and 2 pounds – enough for three to five people. Perfect for grilling, baking, and sautéing, you can’t go wrong with a king salmon fillet.


Salmon Fillets vs. Steaks

We offer several cuts of wild king salmon. Those who want a large cut of fish will be deciding between our wild king salmon fillets and our wild king salmon steaks. The question then becomes: Which should you choose?

There are a few key differences between salmon steaks and fillets. A fish steak is cut perpendicular to the spine and through the bone. Conversely, a fillet is cut parallel to the bone. Due to the way we cut the fish, fillets are typically flakier than steaks. Additionally, the fillet is a larger cut of meat, ideal for more than one diner. Steaks are cut for single servings. Because the bone remains in the cut, steaks tend to be more flavorful and take longer to cook.

No matter which cut of salmon you choose, you can feel confident in knowing you’ll get a great piece of fish. All the seafood we sell at Lummi Island Wild is caught in the wild. This creates a completely different eating experience – from flavor to texture, wild-caught salmon is just better.

This is especially true for King salmon. Kings have a naturally high oil content, which produces their distinct silky-soft texture. Wild King salmon has an even silkier texture than farmed salmon, as wild-caught fish have higher fat stores to fuel their journeys upriver. Whether you’re in the mood for king salmon fillets or steaks, it’s going to be an unforgettable meal.


Try All of Our King Salmon Offerings

While wild king salmon fillets are the most decadent salmon product we offer, there are other ways for customers to try this type of fish. We have a variety of king salmon options. If you prefer a smaller portion size of King salmon, or are serving less than 5 people, here are some of our favorite selections.


Order Wild King Salmon Fillets from Lummi Island Wild

Our king salmon fillets are the perfect choice for a special meal or dinner party. When you order, you can expect your fish to ship frozen. We flash-freeze all our salmon to preserve flavor and texture. Your fish is shipped via 2nd Day Air Monday through Wednesday. You can expect it to arrive in an insulated container. Once you receive your order, transfer the fish to the freezer or the refrigerator. Keep in mind that king salmon has a higher oil content than other types of salmon. This means it will spoil faster than Keta or Coho fillets. Don’t keep your salmon in the refrigerator for more than a few days. When kept frozen, king salmon fillets will remain delicious to eat for up to two months.