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Try the Wild Caught Salmon Steaks from Lummi Island Wild

Wild caught salmon steaks make a statement at the dinner table. Cut perpendicularly to the spine, these ruby red cuts include both the skin and bones. The result is a salmon cutlet that holds firm while cooking. Salmon steaks are easy to cook, are less likely to flake, and make a truly beautiful centerpiece at any meal.

The salmon steaks we source at Lummi Island Wild come from King salmon. These fish have a rich, buttery flavor that consistently wins blind taste tests. King salmon are prized for their high oil content, rich flavor, and firm texture. Their natural fattiness makes King a great candidate for baking, poaching, grilling, broiling, and smoking – and in a steak form, you can rest assured it won’t fall apart in the pan.

Whether you’re new to Lummi or a lifelong customer, these wild King salmon steaks are some of our favorite cuts of fish. If you’re looking to impress your next dinner guest, or if you’re just in the mood to treat yourself, try one out.


Find the Right Salmon Cut for Your Meal 

Salmon is a large fish. This means seafood providers process it into several parts. The most common are salmon fillets and salmon steaks. While these cuts may taste the same, there are a few key differences to note. If you’re not sure which cut is best for your next meal, here’s how to tell.

The way the fish is cut is the most important factor when distinguishing between salmon steaks and fillets. Steaks are cut perpendicular to the spine, whereas fillets are cut parallel to either side of the spine. Salmon fillets also tend to fall apart more easily, and steaks typically include the bones and skin. The presence of bones can change the taste slightly. When you cook a bone-in steak, the meat becomes more flavorful.

However, salmon fillets have a wider array of applications. Salmon steaks are often served whole and with a glaze. Fillets can be shredded, used to top salads, and tossed into pastas and quiches. If you want salmon to be the centerpiece of your meal, we recommend wild caught salmon steaks. But if you want to use salmon as more of an ingredient, a fillet may be the better option.

We at Lummi are proud to offer a wide variety of salmon products – from portions and split tails to fillets and steaks. If you’re not sure which to try, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. That said, you’ll only get the hang of your favorite salmon cut by trying it. When in doubt, purchase a wide variety of products to see what you like.


Ordering Your Wild Caught Salmon Steaks

These King salmon steaks will ship frozen and packed carefully into a cooler. When the package arrives, transfer your fish into the freezer. If you want to eat the fish that evening, allow the steaks to thaw in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that King has a high oil content, so it will spoil faster than other types of salmon. You can safely store your wild caught salmon steaks in the freezer for at least six weeks.