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Absolutely delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Fast Shipping
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4 oz Wild King Salmon

(7 customer reviews)

ON SALE! Petite, Boneless King Salmon / Skin-on Portions

 $13  Now Only $9!



Our 4 oz petite, wild king salmon portions have a rich and buttery flavor with soft-textured flakes and a velvety finish.  Also known as chinook, tyee, or blackmouth salmon, king salmon are prized for their high oil content, firm texture, and rich flavor. The fish’s flesh color can range from deep red to pale white, or “ivory.” This prized winter white flesh is only found in about 10% of kings. In most cases, though, buyers should expect a pale pink or orange color from their king salmon.

King salmon have consistently won blind taste tests among salmon aficionados. Kings are the largest of the species, typically sitting at an average weight between 15 and 20 lbs. The fish’s high oil content makes it a prime candidate for grilling, broiling, sautéing, baking, poaching, steaming, and smoking – almost every salmon preparation will taste good on a king.


Wild King Salmon Preparation Tips 

As one of the more decadent salmon types, king salmon doesn’t require a lot of effort in the kitchen. The fish’s natural flavor and texture are enough to stand out as a main course. That said, we prefer our king salmon grilled on a cedar plank with a sprinkling of sea salt. To finish squeeze some fresh lemon juice onto the skin with a few twists of freshly ground black pepper. When buying wild king salmon online, we recommend a simple preparation to better experience the fish’s flavor.


Handling Instructions – Wild King Salmon

If you buy wild king salmon online from Lummi Island Wild, expect to receive a delivery of frozen, not thawed, fish. All of our king salmon ships frozen in order to preserve the fish’s delicate taste and texture. Once the package is received, you can either begin to defrost your king salmon portions for dinner that evening or keep them frozen for a later meal. King salmon has a higher oil content than other types of fish, which means it will spoil faster. That said, you can safely store it in a freezer for at least six weeks.

7 reviews for 4 oz Wild King Salmon

  1. Kim Windfeather (verified owner)

    Was very disappointed. It was tough and didn’t have much flavor. I won’t buy this again.

  2. Ted E. (verified owner)

    I just wanted to update my 04-04-24 review and give 5 stars for prompt customer service and backing your guarantee of satisfaction. I will will continue to be a customer. Thanks

  3. Ted E. (verified owner)

    Caveat – I bought these during the 40% off sale. I guess you get what you pay for. These were clearly old and past their prime. The texture was off, they had an off smell when thawed, and they tasted fishy when cooked. Unfortunately I bought 6 each of the king and coho salmon. Similar experience with the latter. I consider it pretty much a complete waste of money and will never buy these again. I have gotten good products in the past from Lummi but not these.

    • Ian

      Hi Ted, Thanks for the feedback. Please reach out to us at, so we can fully address this for you. We stand behind all our sales category items and what you are describing is not the experience we promise.

  4. Thelma (verified owner)

    Fishy smelling and very dry. I wonder if the fish was even king salmon. Will not order again.

  5. Marti (verified owner)

    Fish was wonderful. Thank you!

  6. Karen (verified owner)

    Excellent! Will buy again!

  7. Leslie (verified owner)

    Best salmon ever and perfect portion size! Been ordering for the past three years – great customer service.

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