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Wild-Caught is the Best Smoked Salmon Online

Lummi Island Wild sells the best smoked salmon online. Our salmon is always sustainably harvested, thoughtfully prepared, and processed to ensure the highest-quality smoked fish you can buy.

But what makes our smoked salmon different from cheaper, more widely available options? While not obvious, salmon harvesting techniques are the key indicator in how the fish will taste, as well as how well it will retain wood smoke. The $6 pack of salmon from Whole Foods might be a bit cheaper than what we offer, but it’ll never taste as good. The difference? The way we catch our fish.


What’s the Best Salmon for Smoking? 

While wild-caught fish will always result in a well-smoked meat, each type of salmon has a different flavor and texture. This means the flesh will respond differently to the hardwood smoke and alder coals we use. While we enthusiastically recommend all of our smoked salmon variations, we’ll break down the specifics of how different varieties respond to smoke. We think we sell the best smoked salmon online, but the best choice for your palate will depend on what you like in a smoked fish. 

  • Smoked Sockeye Salmon Sockeye is one of our favorite fish to smoke. With an extraordinarily high oil content, the meat absorbs wood smoke quickly, resulting in a complex combination of sweet, salt, and smoke. The flesh is also denser than other types of salmon, which allows it to stay firm during the smoking process. We think our smoked sockeye is the best smoked salmon online, but you’ll have to find out for yourself. 
  • Smoked Keta SalmonKeta salmon might have a bad rap because of its lower price point, but this is actually one of the best candidates for smoking. The variety has a firm texture and a strong taste. When exposed to smoke, the texture relaxes and the taste becomes subtler, adding sweet and savory notes to the fish’s natural salt. With less oil than other varieties, keta will take a bit longer to smoke, but we’ll take care of that part for you. Our smoked keta has a delicate, sweet favor and a firm texture, making it one of the best smoked salmon varieties you can buy online.
  • Smoked King Salmon – King salmon is a great option for first-time home smokers. The high oil content allows the meat to absorb smoke flavor more quickly and fully, resulting in a decadent treat. While we don’t sell smoked king salmon, we encourage customers to check out our wild-caught king salmon and try smoking themselves. The oil in king salmon means that home cooks without a professional-grade smoker can usually handle this one on their own.


The Best Place to Buy Smoked Salmon Online 

If you’re looking for the best smoked salmon online, you’re likely doing some comparison shopping. We know that our salmon is better than anyone else’s, but we can only speak from our own experience. If you’re looking to vet our products before putting down any money, we think our customer reviews speak for themselves.


Steve Schechter – 04-16-2020 (smoked wild sockeye salmon)

This smoked salmon had wonderful flavor – strong smokiness that was just terrific. For those who really crave that smoked taste, a great choice!

Sarah – 06-24-2020 (smoked wild keta salmon)

The smoked salmon was delicious and amazing! There was a problem with our first delivery but the customer service folks handled it promptly and professionally. We’ll definitely be buying from here again.

Susan – 6-21-2018 (smoked wild sockeye salmon)

My husband and I transported 10 lbs of this beautiful sockeye with us to New Zealand for our close friends wedding, needless to say the Kiwis raved about it. A little bit of home for the bride to share with her new family.