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Wild Spot Prawns

Wild spot prawns from Lummi Island Wild are the best-tasting shrimp in the sea. Our spot shrimp, also called spot prawns, have a sweet, buttery flavor reminiscent of lobster. Caught in the frigid waters of the Pacific, Lummi spot prawns are sustainably sourced and thoughtfully processed. We sell both our prawn products by the pound, allowing customers to try as little or as much as they want.


Wild Spot Prawns are Just Better

Most seafood eaters don’t know what wild prawn tastes like. This is because most of the shrimp found in grocery stores come from farms. This creates a different taste and mouthfeel depending on the type of prawn you buy. To that end, most commercially available shrimp comes from Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Indonesian pond farms. These fishing methods are not great for the environment, and Seafood Watch has found that most farmed shrimp are exposed to antibiotic overuse. In 2015, a Consumer Reports special report found that 11 of 348 frozen prawn samples tested positive for one or more antibiotics. While store-bought shrimp is safe to eat, it isn’t always the tastiest option.

We’ll always advocate for buying wild-caught fish over farmed seafood. But this is especially true for spot prawns. Catching prawns in their natural habitat allows for unparalleled quality assurance and ocean stewardship. Plus, the taste is incomparable. If you’ve never tried Lummi Island Wild spot prawns, you’re in for a treat.


Our Spot Prawns 

Our wild spot prawns are fresh-caught in the deep, cold waters of the Salish Sea and the Alaskan coast. We work to be responsible stewards of the waters while bringing a taste of the Pacific Coast to folks around the United States. The result is a fresh, deliciously sweet shrimp perfect for any meal, in any dish, and for any time of day.

We currently offer two spot prawn products, one slightly different from the other.

  • Spot Prawn Tails: These tails are available to buy in 1lb, 3lb, and 6lb bags. Sweet and succulent, our spot prawn tails are processed with the tails on, ensuring a deliciously fresh flavor. They are caught in a pot fishery at a depth of 300 feet with the help of Lummi Nation tribal fishers. Sourced exclusively in the Salish Sea, these special shrimp are sure to delight.
  • Whole Spot Prawns: Our whole spot prawns are caught off the coast of Alaska. They are harvested and frozen onboard Tom Treybush’s vessel, the F/V Stoney. The freezing process is especially tricky with these prawns because of an enzyme that breaks down their heads. To combat this and ensure the highest quality possible, these head-on prawns swim in sea water with an oxidizer that requires no special labeling or handling.

While each prawn product has its own benefits, you can’t go wrong ordering either. Can’t decide? Try them both and see which one you like better.


Using Wild Spot Prawns from Lummi Island Wild

Spot prawns are delicious in a variety of dishes. We generally prefer them sauteed with lots of garlic, which serves as a perfect complement to their natural sweetness. However, if you’re looking for a slightly more involved preparation, we recommend any of the following recipes.

It’s almost impossible to make a mistake while cooking wild spot prawns. Our only recommendation is that you cook them thoroughly before serving. Just a couple of minutes on each side should do the trick.


Our Shipping and Delivery Process 

Like all our seafood, Lummi wild spot prawns are shipped frozen inside insulated coolers. Along with some additional cooling agents, this packaging allows the fish to remain frozen during its journey. When the prawns arrive at your doorstep, you can choose to transfer them into the freezer or the refrigerator. Spot prawns will remain safe to eat for up to six months in a freezer but only around two days in the refrigerator. For this reason, we recommend thawing your purchase in the refrigerator immediately before you cook them.

As with all Lummi Island Wild products, we provide free shipping on orders $125+. Frozen foods are shipped Monday through Wednesday via 2nd Day Air, and they will always be frozen when they arrive. We also allow customers to choose a shipping/receiving day at checkout. Whether this is your first or tenth time buying wild spot prawns, we’ll make sure you have a great experience at the best price.