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What to Expect from our Wild Caught Salmon Delivery

If you order wild caught salmon delivery from Lummi Island Wild, you might wonder what sets us apart from other retailers. To be as transparent as possible, you should know that we follow industry standards when it comes to shipping and delivery. Most seafood sellers package and ship their wares using the same strategies and materials. We don’t differ much here, but we like to think we put a little extra care into our deliveries.

So, what makes Lummi Island Wild different? The quality of the product and our commitment to customer service changes the game. Our wild caught salmon is some of the best in the world, and we’ve learned how to get it do your doorstep without hassle. Plus, our fish moves off our shelves quickly – far faster than other online salmon sellers. When you buy from us, you can ensure that you’re ordering a fish that was freshly caught using a sustainable method. You’ll be able to taste the difference – we promise.


From Caught to Bought – How Our Fish are Processed and Shipped

We take care to ensure our fish are perfectly cleaned, processed, and frozen, ensuring the best-possible product reaches your door. The fish are blast frozen aboard the fishing vessel, locking in their delicate textures and subtle flavors. Once transported to shore, our salmon are processed, cut into portions, and packaged according to their size and variety. The salmon stays frozen in our warehouse until your order comes in. Then, we package everything up and send it off to FedEx for overnight shipping.

Our salmon sells quickly, meaning it’s never frozen for very long. Plus, we only sell salmon that is in season, so our offerings change throughout the year. Check back every couple of months to see our newest products and find the salmon variety that best suits your palate.


Lummi Island Wild Caught Salmon Delivery

Most customers will have the same experience when they order our wild caught salmon delivery. We’ll send you a notification when your package is scanned and checked in at the FedEx here in Bellingham, WA. We’ll also provide an estimated shipping time. Then, when the parcel arrives in your area, you’ll get a notification that the fish is in your city, as well as a narrower delivery window – usually by 8 p.m. that day. However, please note that we don’t have any control over the delivery window; if you’re not at home to receive your package, we recommend leaving a note for where the delivery person should drop it. If somebody can be home during the delivery window, have them ready to retrieve the parcel when it arrives.

When you open one of our wild caught salmon delivery boxes, you’ll find it lined with insulation and some added cooling agent. This is to ensure the salmon stays frozen during its journey to your door. When it arrives, just move the fish you ordered into the freezer. If you want salmon for dinner that evening, leave a few packages in the refrigerator.

If you’ve bought salmon online from somewhere in the past, you should expect to have a similar shipping experience with us. What sets Lummi Island Wild apart is our dedication to sustainability and the high-quality fish we ship. We have the best fresh salmon you can buy online. If you don’t believe us, give us a try and find out for yourself.