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The Best Places to Buy Salmon Roe Online

If you’re looking to buy salmon roe, and wondering what to do with salmon roe, we have what you need at Lummi Island Wild. From Pink and Coho to King and Chum, we offer most types of salmon roe available. You’ll find various size and salmon caviar price points, as well as unparalleled quality and service. It’s easy to buy red caviar – you just need to know where to look.

Also known as “Ikura caviar,” salmon roe is prized for its subtle flavor and soft texture. This roe is harvested from salmon and has a distinct reddish color. Salmon roe is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and provides a unique eating experience. The tiny spheres pop on the tongue, allowing the sweet and salty flavor to spill out.

How Much Does Salmon Roe Cost?

Salmon roe is a great alternative to more expensive caviar options, but what about ikura’s price per pound? The flavor has a distinct subtlety, and the eating experience is unparalleled. Salmon roe is notably less expensive than options like sturgeon caviar, and it is sourced locally. There is a larger supply of salmon roe than of other types of caviar. This means you can usually find it online without issue. Ordering online also allows customers to ensure freshness and to find the package size that suits their needs.

If you want to buy salmon roe online, Lummi Island Wild is the clear choice. We harvest this caviar from the salmon we catch in the Salish Sea. This ensures the roe’s quality and freshness. It’s important to know how and when your salmon roe is sourced; this knowledge can provide a better overall experience. We at Lummi Island Wild are proudly transparent about how we source our seafood. With us, you’ll never question freshness.

How to Order Salmon Roe from Lummi Island Wild

Those who buy salmon roe online will benefit from unparalleled convenience. Our Ikura caviar ships frozen and is available in three sizes: 1.1-pound bulk trays, 2.2-pound trays, and 7-ounce packages. We know that some customers may want to try salmon roe out of curiosity, while others eat it by the spoonful. These sizes allow you to buy the exact amount of caviar you need, no matter where you fall on that spectrum.

When you buy salmon roe from Lummi Island Wild, you’ll know exactly when and where it was harvested. We provide free shipping on orders over $125, and we ship Monday through Wednesday via 2nd Day Air. To preserve your purchase, we will pack your salmon roe with dry ice in an insulated container.

When your roe arrives, place the tray in the refrigerator. This will allow it to slowly defrost. Keep in mind that caviar begins to dry out as soon as the tray or container is opened. The caviar will remain safe to eat for up to seven days when stored this way, but we recommend eating it within the first couple of days. The textural experience is essential to eating salmon roe, and we want you to have the best meal possible. If you want to extend the life of your roe, store the tray in the freezer before opening it. The best salmon roe brand is available online, and it’s at Lummi Island Wild.