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Ikura Caviar Tasting

Best Ikura Pink Caviar 2022

Taste Test: Best ikura caviar to buy online in 2022

Our team has eaten a lot of ikura over the years and we proudly refer to ourselves as “caviar snobs.” When we taste tested this year’s ikura we paid extra attention to the pop the caviar makes in your mouth and the light salty flavors of gourmet caviar. All of our caviar are a truly wonderful experience and come highly recommended by our team.

Our top ikura recommendation is the King Salmon Caviar and Pink Salmon Caviar.

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Ikura Caviar

The best ikura caviar you can buy online

Now you can order ikura caviar to be delivered straight to your door step. Our salmon roe caviar have a fresh, salty taste and are harvested from the salmon we sustainably catch here in the Salish Sea.

Ikura is flash frozen to preserve freshness and it’s light oily texture which pops in your mouth with each bite. The fishers at Lummi Island Wild have taste tested the 2022 selection and we are proud to present our top picks for this fabulous and delicate superfood.

Browse our new selection here where you can buy Ikura caviar online. We make it easy to get superior quality caviar delivered straight to your home! Choose your ikura from our selection and make purchase through our website. Our fishers prepare your order and will ship it to you directly for you to enjoy this premium red caviar.

Ikura King Salmon Caviar Roe

Best Ikura Red Caviar 2022

Our King Salmon Ikura comes from wild, Salish Sea King (Chinook) Salmon. These eggs have a vibrant red color, a clean flavor, and light “pop”.  Medium to high salty finish with a medium dry or sticky consistency make these perfect on their own, by the spoonful, or added to your favorite rice dish.

Ikura PinK salmon Caviar Roe

Best Ikura Pink Caviar 2022

Our Pink Salmon Ikura comes from wild, Salish Sea Pink Salmon and is produced with a custom 2.6% brine, which preserves the clean flavor without adding too much sodium to your diet. Pink Salmon eggs are slightly smaller with a beautiful orange color. Their slightly juicy consistency along with medium to high salt flavor  and crisp “pop” make them delicious on their own and ideal for the ‘hors d’oeuvres table.

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Ikura tasting Notes From the Lummi Island Wild team


Beautiful, deep red color. Medium to small egg size. Light, clean flavor. Consistent “Pop” and mouthfeel. Light salt, sticky and not juicy.


Deep red color, smaller eggs. Mild to light “pop”. Clean flavor, higher salt than Silver 1. Juicy. Rich flavor.


Bright, vibrant red color, medium egg size. Slightly juicy, medium to high salt. Clean flavor, light “pop”


Beautiful orange color, medium egg size. Slightly juicy, medium to high salt. Clean flavor, crisp “pop”


Bright red color, medium to small egg size, medium salt. Clean flavor, mild “pop”


Bright, red-orange color, large size eggs, plump and mature. Great, consistent “pop”, low salt, not juicy. Super clean flavor.

What is Ikura Caviar

Ikura Salmon Roe, also known as red caviar, is known for its reddish color and fresh, salty taste. Ikura caviar is also a superfood, rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are great for your health and overall wellness. The lightly oiled texture bursts with flavor in every bite.

Where to buy Ikura caviar online

Buying ikura online is the easiest way to enjoy this delicious caviar. If you have never tried this red caviar before we recommend buying ikura online on our website. By purchasing through Lummi Island Wild you ensure that your seafood is sustainably and ethically sourced.

How To Taste Ikura Caviar

Ikura caviar can be used as a garnish to add a pop to your dish or it can be eaten alone.  Top your rice with ikura and light soy sauce for an ikura don. It is commonly served with toast points, crackers and bread. If you’re new to eating ikura, you might like to try it with a soft cheese (like cream cheese or brie) on a cracker. We put ikura on everything from pastas, dips, eggs, and chips!

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