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Salish Sea Halibut 18-22 oz

(5 customer reviews)

Frozen Fresh – 18-22 oz Boneless / Skin-on Halibut



Salish Sea halibut is a lean fish with mild, sweet tasting, pure white flesh, and a firm but tender texture. It needs no bacon wrap or sauce to give it flavor. This prized local resource is preferred by our region’s chefs. Chef Robert Fong collaborated with us during a cooking class to see which had better flavor and texture, our frozen Salish Sea Halibut portions or fresh Alaska portions. We cooked side-by-side, all things being equal, and all 26 students and both instructors preferred the Salish Sea halibut!

This halibut is harvested exclusively by tribal fishers in the Salish Sea. For years we’ve known that it is far and away the best halibut we have eaten, but because the tribal season starts the same day the Alaska and Coastal seasons start, there has been no effort to separate it out from the large volume of other halibut that hits the market at the same time. This is only a 3-week season, and then there is no more Salish Sea halibut for another year.

These 18-22 oz roasts are perfect for 3-4 people, or 2 hungry adults.


Ships frozen with dry ice.

Keep Frozen. Thawing Instructions: Remove all packaging, thaw under refrigeration; maintain below 38 degrees F (3 degrees C).

5 reviews for Salish Sea Halibut 18-22 oz

  1. Kellie Dale (verified owner)

    Just tried the Halibut roast and it was amazing! Very thick cut that was easy to split into individal servings for my recipe. The taste is wonderful, best Halibut I have had. Can’t wait to try the other items.

  2. Marty (verified owner)

    I’ve tried every seafood company out there and by far, Lummi is the absolute best! I order halibut, salmon and black cod and the quality is superb to any other I have tried. The company is honest and does right by the customer. Thank you Lummi. You are appreciated.

  3. Robert Keller (verified owner)

    Recently I was invited to an Lummi Island BBQ and thought to bring some Salish sea halibut to kick in for the meal. I prepared it on a cast iron grill with salt, pepper and avocado oil.

    It totally blew away everyone who tried it. Sure, I know how to prepare it but if didn’t start with the very best available… it just would be the same.

    Thanks Lummi Island Wild, you never disappoint!

  4. Doug Dakins (verified owner)

    Second time buying Salish sea halibut and it is outstanding on the grill! I will definitely buy again!

  5. Alice (verified owner)

    One of the first meals I had in Alaska involved halibut salad (like tuna salad; chunks of delicious halibut lightly mixed with mayonnaise and a bit of seasoning) served at a beautiful riverbank about halfway through our 5 hour long ride into Denali on an ancient school bus. This delicious sandwich filling was offered most days as a lunch option as we left the lodge for hikes and adventures, making our own lunches on thick slices of homemade sourdough bread. I have never forgotten those sandwiches, unlike any I’ve had before or since – until now! These Salish Sea Halibut planks have been amazing right off the grill, or leftover and made into halibut salad. I’m completely addicted to those sandwiches, and am so happy to be reliving that special part of our honeymoon trip.

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