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Wild-Caught Sustainable Seafood

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Wild Salmon Delivery from Lummi Island Wild 

As far as we’re concerned, wild salmon is the only salmon worth eating. Wild salmon is the best-possible salmon a person can purchase in terms of taste, texture, and sustainability. Seafood lovers say they can never go back to eating farmed salmon after eating a wild fish, and we don’t blame them – the experience is totally different in the best way possible. Our wild salmon is frozen just minutes after being caught, which helps preserve the fish’s flavor and texture. The fish is then processed and shipped while frozen. We like to think this freezing keeps a bit of the “wild” in the fish when it reaches your door. If you’ve never tried a wild-caught fish, we recommend our wild salmon delivery. You’ll get to learn a bit about your fish, where it came from, and how it was caught, ensuring a great experience and high-quality meal.

Wild vs. Farmed Salmon 

Those new to wild salmon delivery may not be familiar with how salmon taste works. Salmon flavor is directly related to the fish’s fat content. The more oil the fish has, the more flavorful it will be. This is part of the reason why king and sockeye salmon are so highly prized – their superior fat content creates a strong, complex flavor and a silky texture – and why silver coho salmon and keta salmon are often on the lower end of the price spectrum. While type of salmon is important to its fat content, part of the equation comes from where the fish was caught. When salmon leaves the ocean to travel upstream, it must rely on stored fat. The farther a salmon travels, the more fat it has genetically developed. If a salmon population has no reason to travel upstream to spawn – in other words, if several generations have been harvested in a salmon farm – the genetic fat production deteriorates, resulting in a leaner fish, no matter how much you try to bulk it up. By contrast, wild salmon will always have a naturally high fat content, which adds flavor and creates a velvety texture. If you’ve never ordered wild salmon delivery to your home, you’re in for a modern treat.

Handling Instructions – Wild Salmon 

Our wild salmon always ships frozen to preserve the fish’s flavor and texture. Your wild salmon delivery will be packaged with dry ice to help maintain a safe temperature. Once it arrives, either transfer your fish into the refrigerator to thaw or store in a freezer. Thawed salmon will remain safe to eat in the refrigerator for up to 7 days, but freezer storage can last several months, depending on the type of salmon you purchase. [parent] => 0 [count] => 36 [filter] => raw )
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Tuna, Halibut, and Black Cod 

While we specialize in wild salmon, we also provide customers with wild-caught white fish. Each of the fish featured on this page has its own flavor and texture profile, but they all have something in common: When ordered from Lummi Island Wild, they’re guaranteed to be sustainably sourced and high quality. We are proud to provide our customers with three types of white fish: albacore tuna, halibut, and black cod. These fish are sourced from pristine Alaskan waters and blast frozen just minutes after being caught. They remain frozen throughout processing and shipping, which helps preserve the flavor and texture. Even once they reach your door, these fish will have a fresh-caught taste when thawed and prepared.

White Fish from Lummi Island Wild

Of our three white fish offerings, the tuna is our most popular. When you order albacore tuna, you can expect a delicious troll-caught fish. We also have sashimi-grade tuna available in cans, offering the highest quality canned tuna we’ve come across. If you’re in the market for a leaner white fish, halibut is the way to go. And, if you’re looking for a more decadent, high-oil fish, the black cod is your best bet. Remember that not all of our white fish are available year-round. Customers can order albacore tuna during certain times of year and order halibut during other seasons. This seasonal approach to providing seafood is part of what it means to use wild-caught fish. Because they are not farmed year-round, supply is dictated by shifting temperatures and migration patterns.

Handling Instructions – Tuna, Halibut, and Black Cod

Our tuna, halibut, and black cod are shipped frozen to preserve flavor and texture. Once they arrive, they will last for up to seven days in your refrigerator. To preserve your order, simply put your fish into the freezer instead of immediately thawing. Halibut’s low oil content means it can be frozen for up to six months. Black cod has more oil, which means it will last around two months when frozen. Customers who order albacore tuna can expect the purchase to last around two months. [parent] => 0 [count] => 12 [filter] => raw )
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Shellfish are an excellent addition to any meal, no mater the season. From lightly sweet and succulent scallops to tender cooked crab, and once you order shellfish online and secure high-quality seafood straight to your door, we are confident you won’t go back. We partner with trusted providers to ensure that our shellfish is both delicious and sustainably sourced. We’re happy to offer a variety of high-quality shellfish, but we only sell what’s in season. As a result, you’ll see this page change throughout the year – some products will disappear, while others will appear as temperatures warm and cool. If you’re wondering when a certain fish will return, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Order Shellfish Online from Lummi Island Wild 

We are proud of the shellfish we source and offer to customers. Depending on the time of year, customers will find anything from Alaskan weathervane scallops and cooked Dungeness crab to spot prawn tails. We only offer specific types of shellfish when they are in season, and we only source from trusted fisheries and partners. Our shellfish is always high quality and sustainably sourced. Your purchase can be the main course in a meal or complement other flavors in a dish. Just know that, when you order shellfish online from Lummi Island Wild, you’re sure to have a great experience. We provide free shipping on orders over $99, a fresh delivery guarantee, and a money back guarantee.

Handling Instructions – Shellfish 

Expect to your order to arrive frozen when you order shellfish online. We ship all our seafood frozen to both ensure safety and to preserve the flavor and texture. Some of our shellfish are pre-cooked, so all you need to do is thaw and eat. Other types of shellfish will need to be prepared. Check out individual product pages for preparation tips and tricks, as well as for seafood-specific handling instructions. Most of the shellfish we provide will stay safe to eat in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Freezer times will vary, but keeping your order frozen is a good way to extend its life, especially if you’re ordering ahead for a special event. [parent] => 0 [count] => 6 [filter] => raw )

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The highest quality wild salmon from truly sustainable sources. Our mission is to promote the respectful and responsible harvesting of wild salmon while protecting the environment for future generations of fish and people. Our reefnet fishery is recognized as one of the most sustainable on the planet, and we partner with tribal and state fishers in the Salish Sea and Alaska to bring you the absolute highest quality seafood available – without exception.

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