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Wild-Caught Sustainable Seafood Delivery

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Wild-Caught Salmon Delivery

As far as we’re concerned, wild salmon is the only salmon worth eating. Wild salmon is the best-possible salmon a person can purchase in terms of taste, texture, and sustainability. Seafood lovers say they can never go back to eating farmed salmon after eating a wild fish, and we don’t blame them – the experience is totally different in the best way possible. Our wild salmon is frozen just minutes after being caught, which helps preserve the fish’s flavor and texture. The fish is then processed and shipped while frozen. We like to think this freezing keeps a bit of the “wild” in the fish when it reaches your door. If you’ve never tried a wild-caught fish, we recommend our wild salmon delivery. You’ll get to learn a bit about your fish, where it came from, and how it was caught, ensuring a great experience and high-quality meal.

Wild vs. Farmed Salmon 

Those new to wild salmon delivery may not be familiar with how salmon taste works. Salmon flavor is directly related to the fish’s fat content. The more oil the fish has, the more flavorful it will be. This is part of the reason why king and sockeye salmon are so highly prized – their superior fat content creates a strong, complex flavor and a silky texture – and why silver coho salmon and keta salmon are often on the lower end of the price spectrum. While type of salmon is important to its fat content, part of the equation comes from where the fish was caught. When salmon leaves the ocean to travel upstream, it must rely on stored fat. The farther a salmon travels, the more fat it has genetically developed. If a salmon population has no reason to travel upstream to spawn – in other words, if several generations have been harvested in a salmon farm – the genetic fat production deteriorates, resulting in a leaner fish, no matter how much you try to bulk it up. By contrast, wild salmon will always have a naturally high fat content, which adds flavor and creates a velvety texture. If you’ve never ordered wild salmon delivery to your home, you’re in for a modern treat.

Eating Fish For Your Health

Lummi Island Wild is proud to provide some of the fattiest and tastiest fish packed with high nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids. We believe that our high quality, wild-caught fish not only tastes great but benefits your life overall by improving the health of your heart, brain, skin, and overall wellness. Eating fish once or twice a week is highly recommended by medical professionals. Fatty species rich with omega 3's are considered the tastiest and healthiest to eat. Our salmon is tested and proven excellent with 15.5%+ fat content when your average is 9%. If you are looking for an easy way to invest in your nutritional health, we recommend a Lummi Yummi Subsciption Box.

Handling Instructions – Wild Salmon 

Our wild salmon always ships frozen to preserve the fish’s flavor and texture. Your wild salmon delivery will be packaged with dry ice to help maintain a safe temperature. Once it arrives, either transfer your fish into the refrigerator to thaw or store in a freezer.  Follow thawing instructions, salmon can hold in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. We recommend storing no more than three months of wild caught salmon in your home freezer. [parent] => 0 [count] => 44 [filter] => raw )
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Discover Unforgettable Seafood Gifts

Indulge in the ocean's finest with our exclusive seafood and salmon gifts. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to share the bounty of the sea with someone you care about, Lummi Island Wild has you covered. Our hand-selected seafood gifts are a culinary journey that showcases the pure, untamed flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

Why Choose Our Seafood and Gifts and Combos?

  • Sustainably Sourced: Our commitment to the environment runs deep. We take pride in sourcing our seafood from sustainable fisheries, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same bountiful oceans.
  • Wild-Caught Excellence: Every piece of seafood in our gifts is wild-caught, delivering unmatched freshness and flavor that far surpasses farm-raised alternatives.
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Our seafood is carefully handled by expert artisans who bring out the natural beauty and taste of each fish, creating a dining experience like no other.

Seafood Gifts for Every Occasion 

From birthdays to holidays and every moment in between, our seafood gifts are the perfect way to make any occasion unforgettable. Choose from a variety of thoughtfully curated packages that include:
  • Smoked Salmon Samplers: Explore the rich, smoky notes of our signature smoked salmon, available in a range of flavor profiles to suit every palate.
  • Seafood Platters: Impress your guests with a stunning seafood platter featuring a selection of our finest catches, including succulent salmon, delectable shellfish, and more.
  • Gourmet Seafood Dinners: Elevate your dining experience with our gourmet seafood dinner packages, complete with tantalizing accompaniments that turn any meal into a feast.

Sustainable Gifts That Give Back

When you choose Lummi Island Wild seafood gifts, you're not only treating your loved ones to a delectable delight but also supporting responsible fishing practices and the preservation of our precious marine ecosystems.

Order Your Seafood Gifts for Delivery Today

Make a lasting impression with the gift of exceptional seafood. Explore our range of seafood and salmon gifts, and give the gift of oceanic wonder today. Each bite tells a story of pristine waters, expert craftsmanship, and a deep love for the sea. Treat someone special, or indulge in a little luxury for yourself. Lummi Island Wild is your passport to the finest seafood experiences. Don't wait; order your seafood gifts now and embark on a culinary adventure like no other. [parent] => 0 [count] => 25 [filter] => raw )
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Albacore Tuna 

While we specialize in wild salmon, we also provide customers with wild-caught white fish. Each of the fish featured on this page has its own flavor and texture profile, but they all have something in common: When ordered from Lummi Island Wild, they’re guaranteed to be sustainably sourced and high quality. We are proud to provide a way to order albacore tuna online, from pristine Alaskan waters and blast frozen just minutes after being caught. They remain frozen throughout processing and shipping, which helps preserve the flavor and texture. Even once they reach your door, these fish will have a fresh-caught taste when thawed and prepared. White Fish from Lummi Island Wild Of our three white fish offerings, the albacore tuna is our most popular. When you order albacore tuna, you can expect a delicious troll-caught fish. We also have sashimi-grade tuna available in cans, offering the highest quality canned tuna we’ve come across. If you’re in the market for a leaner white fish, halibut is the way to go. And, if you’re looking for a more decadent, high-oil fish, the black cod is your best bet. Remember that not all of our white fish are available year-round. Customers can order albacore tuna during certain times of year and order halibut during other seasons. This seasonal approach to providing seafood is part of what it means to use wild-caught fish. Because they are not farmed year-round, supply is dictated by shifting temperatures and migration patterns. Handling Instructions - Albacore Tuna  Our tuna are shipped frozen to preserve flavor and texture. Once they arrive, they will last for up to seven days in your refrigerator. To preserve your order, simply put your fish into the freezer instead of immediately thawing. Customers who order albacore tuna can expect the purchase to last around two months. [parent] => 0 [count] => 7 [filter] => raw )
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Smoked Salmon Shipped from Lummi Island Wild 

You’ll find a variety of smoked salmon varieties at Lummi Island Wild. Depending on the season, we smoke and sell sockeye, keta, as well as other species. Lightly glazed with sea salt and brown sugar then rested over alder coals, our wild salmon is a salty-sweet combination smoked to perfection. We encourage customers to experiment with different types of salmon preparation, but we understand that smoking can be both time- and cost-intensive. Unless you have a smoker and three free hours, the perfect smoked salmon can be difficult to achieve at home. Instead, be kind to yourself and order smoked salmon shipped from Lummi Island Wild. All options make for a great, healthy snack, whether you’re on the go, adding fish to a charcuterie board, or spicing up a weeknight dinner. Ordering smoked salmon shipped to your home is an easy way to add some flavor to your routine.

How to Use Smoked Salmon in Everyday Cooking

Smoked salmon, once a luxury product, is now a mainstay in many American diets. The combination of salt, sugar, and smoke adds a complex flavor to every meal. Plus, when you order smoked salmon shipped from us, you won’t need to put any extra work into your special occasion dinner. Just shred, top, and enjoy. If you’re new to smoked salmon, you might not know how to use it. We’re partial to more basic preparations – eating the meat on its own or with simple crackers and bread. However, home chefs can get creative with how they the ingredient. We’ve seen it added to scrambled eggs, tossed into risotto, whipped into a pâté, and rolled into sushi. Smoked salmon can be used to finish a dish, such as when topping a quiche, or it can be integral to its preparation, like in the case of smoked salmon soup. If you think a meal can benefit from some salt and smoke, smoked salmon is almost sure to be a welcomed addition.

Handling Instructions – Smoked Salmon

Our smoked salmon is shipped frozen to help preserve its flavor and texture. It will be ready to eat after thawing, and it can last up to 45 days in the refrigerator. To extend the life of your smoked salmon, put it in the freezer. Additionally, our smoked salmon chowder is shelf-stable and ships unrefrigerated. If you order this alongside our other types of smoked salmon, know that it will be ready to eat right out of the box. Just warm to your preferred temperature and enjoy. We want our smoked salmon shipped to your door an easy and repeatable experience. [parent] => 0 [count] => 14 [filter] => raw )

Quality Seafood from Sustainable Fishing Methods

Enjoy the highest quality wild caught salmon from truly sustainable sources. Our mission is to promote the respectful and responsible harvesting of wild salmon while protecting the environment for future generations of fish and people. Our reefnet fishery is recognized as the first solar powered fishery and is one of the most sustainable fisheries on the planet. We partner with local Pacific Northwest tribal and state fishers in the Salish Sea and Alaska to bring you the absolute highest quality seafood available – without exception.

Easy Meal Prep For Your Favorite Seafood Recipes

Omega-3’s in Salmon and Seafood are great for your health. We make healthy meal planning easy with our 4-6 ounce recipe ready frozen portions. Salmon is a well known superfood, packed with omega-3’s. Lummi Island Wild is proud to provide some of the fattiest and tastiest fish, packed with high nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Our halibut, albacore and ikura caviar are  seafood delicacies rich in omega-3s, and come in pre-packaged, frozen portions. Simply store our wild salmon and seafood portions in your freezer, then thaw and cook at your convenience for quick and easy meal prep. 

Wild Seafood Delivery Straight To Your Doorstep

Our wild seafood is frozen just minutes after being caught for home delivery. We deliver our seafood frozen fresh to preserve the fish’s flavor and texture. Your frozen seafood delivery will be packaged with dry ice to help maintain a safe temperature. Once it arrives, either transfer your frozen fish into the refrigerator to thaw or store in a freezer.  Follow seafood thawing instructions on how to thaw salmon and seafood. We recommend storing no more than three months of our fresh frozen seafood in your home freezer.

How To Eat Healthy At Least Twice A Week

Experts recommend eating quality seafood twice a week. That can be 8-10 ounces for adults and 4-6 ounces for children. Doctors and nutritionists especially recommend foods with omega-3’s, like salmon. We believe that our high quality, wild caught fish not only tastes great but benefit your life overall by improving the health of your heart, brain, skin, and overall wellness. Our salmon is tested and proven excellent with one of the highest heart-healthy fat contents. If you are looking for an easy way to invest in your nutritional health and eat healthy, we recommend a Lummi Yummi Subscription Box.

About Lummi Island Wild Reefnet Fishery

We are located on Lummi Island which is near Bellingham, Washington. Lummi Island is best known for their vibrant artist community, pacific northwest salmon run and their reefnet solar powered fishery. Reefnetting is a historical fishing method that has almost zero bycatch mortality, meaning that our catch and release efforts of non-targeted species are highly successful. No other fishery approaches such a sustainable level. We have been awarded the highest rating for quality seafood from Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. After a successful catch, reefnet pacific northwest salmon are gently rolled into a live well, having been out of the water for only seconds. This gives us an extremely high success rate for releasing non-targeted species unharmed. The reward, in this case, is seeing them swim away and knowing that they will survive to complete their age-old cycle of returning to their spawning grounds to ensure their species’ future.

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