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Wild Salmon

Buy Salmon Online from Lummi Island Wild 

We are proud of the salmon we sell at Lummi Island Wild. If you’re looking to buy salmon online, you’ll only find the freshest fish on our digital shelves. We catch several salmon varieties but take care to only sell what’s in season. All our offerings are sustainably sourced using both reefnet fishing and hook and line methods. In working with local tribes, we do what we can to produce the best salmon you can purchase – both online and in stores. Plus, the buying and delivery process is easy. You can purchase our salmon online through our website, and we’ll ship any of our products directly to your doorstep.


Wild Salmon is Always Better 

All the salmon we sell is wild caught, but some customers new to seafood might not know what that means. In the simplest terms, our salmon is not farmed or raised. Instead, it’s caught in the ocean from wild schools of salmon. This means we don’t participate in any form of industrial agriculture, and our carbon footprint is nearly invisible compared to all other salmon providers. When you buy salmon online from Lummi Island Wild, you can feel good about investing in sustainable agriculture.

From a diner’s perspective, wild fish actually tastes better than farmed versions of the fish. The reason is the salmon’s natural oil content. Wild-caught fish have a higher genetic fat content, resulting in a more flavorful meat and silky texture. Plus, high-oil fish respond extraordinarily well to various cooking preparations, absorbing the heat and flavors far better than farm-raised alternatives. If you’ve never had our wild-caught salmon before, we bet you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Our salmon is always wild, sustainably caught, and thoughtfully processed and packaged. We think this makes us the best place to buy fresh salmon online, but we’ll leave the judgement up to you. We offer wild Keta, Pink, Coho, wild Sockeye salmon, wild King salmon, Baker King, King steaks, and Ivory King.


Cooking Wild Salmon 

Our wild-caught salmon have a distinct flavor all their own. As a result, certain preparations lend themselves better to the different salmon varieties. For example, if you want to buy king salmon online, we recommend a simpler preparation to let the prized fish’s natural flavors shine. King salmon fillets don’t need many added ingredients to make a delicious meal. However, if you want to bring out the sweetness in a Coho or Sockeye fillet, you might be looking for a brown sugar rub or a molasses glaze. While we almost always prefer a simple sear or a few minutes on the grill, here are a few of our favorite salmon recipes.


What to Expect When You Buy Salmon Online from Lummi Island Wild

Our wild-caught salmon delivery doesn’t differ much from other online seafood retailers. When your order is placed, we’ll find the products you need, package them in a temperature-controlled container, throw in some cooling agents, and ship it to your door. Our frozen salmon delivery ships overnight, so you can almost always expect to receive your package the day after you order.

While our shipping and fresh salmon delivery mechanisms may be the industry standard, rest assured that the quality of our products is well above our competitors. Whether you’re looking for something healthy for dinner or the best fish for keto, we have you covered. Don’t believe us? Place an order and we’ll show you just how wonderful it can be to buy salmon online.